Living in the sticks of the Florida Panhandle with my husband Tom, my son Alex, our 5 cats, Noce, Puff, Sunshine, Shadow, and Smoke, my daughter Brianna is up at in Troy attending college. I enjoy spending time with my family, eating what my husband who’s an excellent cook prepares for us. Work with a decent group of people. Retired Scouter, but I still like to keep up with what my old Pack & Troop are doing. Enjoy doing things with my community both Jay and Pensacola. I believe in God but do not practice a faith or attend church. I am Green / Democrat / Liberal as far as my political views go. I like to listen to an assortment of music, read, watch movies and occasionally TV. I enjoy listening to my daughter perform – she’s a member of Sounds of the South up at Troy Univ. My son has a funny sense of humor and loves him some Halo. My husband is also a musician working at home in his little studio.

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